About us

In an era where experts abound, here are five distinct strengths of AppEco on which our clients can count:

  • Expertise | AppEco possesses an in-depth expertise in applied economics and strategic analysis, and delivers first-class services.Our interventions are tailored to the needs of your organisation, the type of analysis required and the purpose of the project.
  • Communication | AppEco pays special attention to an effective communication of results to intended recipients.Of note, we believe it is crucial to clearly explain and vulgarize our findings and their implications for your organization. Our track record in this area speaks for itself and will contribute to the success of your projects.
  • Respect | AppEco respects the needs and realities of its clients; the integrity, professional opinions and individual realities of its staff and collaborators; as well as the current laws, regulations and codes of ethics.
  • Collaboration | AppEco promotes an active collaboration between itself and the client, as well as between experts from various disciplines.In doing so, our consulting services and advice are richer, have more scope and generate more impact for all parties involved.
  • Competitive Rates | AppEco offers attractive rates for a high level of expertise and top-level services.


Pierre Emmanuel Paradis

Pierre Emmanuel Paradis, Economist


514 742.6348

Holding a Master’s degree in economics from the University of Sherbrooke, and a graduate diploma in corporate finance from HEC Montreal, Mr. Paradis has over 20 years of experience in applied economics and business strategy. In 2012, he founded AppEco, a consulting firm specialized in analysis, strategy and communications.

As a consultant, he has developed complex quantitative models, conducted several surveys and polls, and performed numerous analytical mandates: market research, economic impact studies, economic feasibility studies, cost-benefit analyses, program evaluations, pharmaco-economic analyses, financial analyses, etc. These economic and strategy analyses pertained to a variety of industries, including transportation, health, retail, manufacturing, government affairs, agribusiness, energy, cultural industries, renovation, banking and professional sports.

As a senior economist with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), he worked with small businesses on issues such as labor and wages, public finance, energy, regulation and financing. He acted as spokesman on these issues, both with various government departments and agencies, and in the media.

Mr. Paradis has published numerous articles and reports and regularly gives conferences. He has testified as an expert and economist before various government agencies (Quebec Energy Board, Quebec’s Administrative Tribunal, Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), Quebec's pension board) and at parliamentary commissions.


A network of experienced collaborators at your service

Our economic environment is complex and constantly evolving. Moreover, the completion of major projects generally requires the involvement of high-level experts from various specialties. AppEco collaborates on a regular basis with experienced and trustworthy experts in the following areas:

  • Engineering
  • Public relations and communications
  • Law
  • Information and communication technology
  • Accounting and taxation
  • Urban planning
  • Environment