From an economic perspective, the role of government is to provide citizens with goods and services that businesses supply in insufficient quantity, inefficiently, or not at all. Health, education, transport and infrastructure, environment, culture and community development are all areas where the involvement of government to varying degrees is usually necessary. The development and ongoing adaptation of programs, laws and regulations are fundamental roles of government, as is the management of public finance.

AppEco experts have rich experience in executing mandates for federal, provincial, and municipal governments of Canada. In addition, we are accustomed to the continuously increasing needs for accountability of various government levels, and ensure monitoring and continuous communication of progress with project managers.

Examples of projects completed by experts of AppEco for governments:

  • Sector Analysis | Profiled the structure and prospects of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Canada and projected the impact of demography on these firms.
  • Municipal taxation | Evaluated external market disuse observed in various economic sectors (pulp and paper, wood, golf).
  • Program Evaluation | Evaluated the Old Age Security Program using census data.
  • Urban Transport | Analysed the cost and benefits of a tramway project and calculated its economic spinoffs.
  • Sector Analysis | Analysed the evolution of the manufacturing sector in Quebec and its consequences for the economy.
  • Wage comparison | Compared pay levels in the public-vs.-private sectors in Quebec.
  • International Development | Analysed the costs and benefits of a major infrastructure development program in Poland ($3 billion).