Large business

Unlike most SMEs, large businesses are used to working with consultants from all specialities. They know the value of quality expertise but do not like dealing with second-grade professionals, who lack structure or scope. Because large firms are accountable to multiple audiences (clients, shareholders, executives, employees and business partners), they need first-class experts they can trust.

For over 20 years, AppEco has performed consulting assignments in applied economics and strategy for large companies, both in Canada and abroad. We are familiar with the requirements relative to business processes, quality, safety and accountability associated with our consulting services, and comply with these requirements on a daily basis. As needed, AppEco can assemble and lead multidisciplinary teams to execute large-scale projects.

Examples of projects completed by experts of AppEco for large businesses:

  • Pricing | Developed various analytical tools to determine drug prices for a pharmaceutical company and assessed their financial impact.
  • Immigration | Evaluated the economic impact of the Immigrant Investor Program in Quebec and in Canada.Submissions and presentations at parliamentary commissions and in the media.
  • Public policies in health | Performed various economic analyses on the use and future costs of prescription drugs in Canadian provinces, the sustainability of the health system, and the value of pharmaceutical innovation.
  • Energy | Assessed the economic impact and performed cost-benefit analyses of several energy projects: wind, hydro, pipeline transportation, etc.
  • Pharmaco-economics | Studied the cost-effectiveness, budget impact and social impact of various prescriptions drugs.
  • Transportation of Petroleum Products | Analysed the nature and forms of compensation to be paid as part of a pipeline project. Submission to the Bureau d’audiences publiques pour l’environnement (BAPE).
  • Health economics | Analysed the direct and indirect costs of regulatory delays in listing prescription drugs on public formularies.
  • Real Estate Investment | Performed an econometric evaluation of the performance of international real estate markets for an institutional investor.
  • Retail | Analysed the costs and benefits of law changes in retail trade.