Non-for-profit organization

Community involvement and careful management of limited resources: these are the watchwords of non-for-profit organizations, which are the bridge between various communities of our society, facilitating exchanges and interactions between them, despite working with precarious budgets. In these circumstances, applied economics interventions serve to highlight and quantify realities and socio-economic dynamics that are often well known, but whose size, growth and impact are difficult to measure.

AppEco contributes to these exchanges by offering consulting services tailored to the realities of these organizations, without compromise on quality. This includes, as necessary, public representation at appropriate forums.

Examples of projects completed by experts of AppEco for non-for-profit organizations:

  • Human Resources | Created a quarterly publication on the expectations of human resource professionals on the evolution of the labor market.
  • Municipal Infrastructure | Performed financial analyses of investment costs, and operation and maintenance costs of various municipal infrastructures.
  • Work organization | Studied the organization of work and the non-RAMQ costs of human and material resources in a specialized oncology clinic using a time-and-motion methodology.
  • Pay Equity |  Analysed the economic impact of the Pay Equity Act of Quebec Submission at parliamentary commission.
  • Energy | Wrote reports and provided expert testimony on various energy issues at several hearings to Quebec Energy Board.
  • Market Study | Evaluated the wholesale market in a public market in the context of a new regulation on pedestrian-only weekends.
  • Public Finance | Analysed several Quebec budgets, present at media lock-ups.
  • Polls | Conducted, analysed and published results of several surveys on the economic issues of SMEs, including the following topics: regulatory, public finance, energy, international trade.
  • Labour Standards | Studied the economic costs of the proposed reform on the Act Respecting Labour Standards.Submission and presentation at parliamentary commission.