What do small business owners lack? Time! Caught in the hubbub of everyday life, few SMEs take the time to hire consultants for their market research, strategic planning, or analyzing their operations and business environment. However, which SMEs would not benefit from knowing more about itself and properly evaluating its strategic options?

AppEco offers consulting services that are adapted to the reality of SMEs, providing real-world answers on a variety of topics (market research, salaries, finances, etc..) at your own pace, whether over several weeks or more quickly, sometimes in a single day.

You want to take the pulse of your business, test your projects and ideas? Contact us for top-quality expertise in a flexible format that suits your needs.

Examples of projects completed by experts of AppEco for SMEs:

  • Economics and Law - Disputes | Assessed economic damages suffered by individuals or companies following disruptive events, including expert testimonies.
  • Strategic Consulting | Performed strategic analysis of SME operations and projects: financial analysis, mini-market research, project evaluation, price evaluation, employee compensation, etc.
  • Engineering | Developed the economic components of feasibility studies, opportunity studies, etc.: cost-benefit analysis, financial analysis, economic impact study, traffic and demand forecasts and economic spinoffs.
  • Health Promotion | Assessed the economic impacts of health promotion programs in the workplace.
  • Economic Development | Analysed an industrial development proposed by an MRC. Expert testimony to the Administrative Tribunal of Québec.
  • Trucking | Analysed transport pricing and location of a distribution center.