Should I invest in this market? Is my project profitable? Does this program carry out its mandate effectively? Is my company financially sound? What are the economic damages associated with this event? What do data on my sales and those of my clients tell me? If I raise my price, what effect will this have on my sales and profits? Is this new law beneficial or costly for our company? AppEco can help you answer such questions, and many others.

The main work steps of a typical analysis are: collection and acquisition of data, statistics and relevant information; descriptive and statistical analysis; production of results, namely tables and graphs, and of an analytical report; and communication of results to the relevant audience.

Throughout this process, AppEco regularly monitors and clearly communicates the status of the project with the client. Also, AppEco experts investigate results and prepare their opinions in complete independence, objectivity, and impartiality.

Here is a list of the main types of economic analyses performed by AppEco experts:

  • Economic Impact Study
  • Market Research
  • Analysis of projects, programs and policies
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Surveys and polls
  • Econometrics and Modeling
  • Pricing
  • Financial Analysis