Strategic analysis allows to evaluate and to rank various options in a context where their benefits and costs are uncertain or complex to evaluate. Some strategic choices can be short-lived, for example a price change, or stretch over a long period, for example a business expansion or law change. In all cases, the strategic choice is a decisive action and has lasting consequences for any organization and its partners.

AppEco offers a proven expertise in assessing the consequences of various scenarios or in planning and performing various analyses to achieve a clear objective. Our experience and that of our network of collaborators are undeniable assets in these contexts.

Typically, these mandates consist in assessing the financial and/or economic impact of projects and regulatory reforms, as well as planning the appropriate response for a given set of strategic choices. From a private perspective, these analyses consist in planning and analysing the impact of various scenarios: positioning, expansion, turnaround, restructuring, and business sale, purchase, or merger. Here again, the collaboration of different experts is often the most effective way to develop applicable and profitable solutions.