When writing a series of articles on economic indicators, Mr. Paradis served as an expert to identify, explain and vulgarize these indicators. This collaboration has ensured the accuracy of the published information, and provided a better understanding of the overall economic environment and its impact on young professionals and entrepreneurs. Mr. Paradis has shown great professionalism, insight and flexibility in his approach.

Meinna Gwet, Gestionnaire de risque et Bloggeuse financière (Bobbyfinance.com),

I worked for 4 years with Pierre Emmanuel. He developed complex economic models on pressing public affairs issues. His dedication and the quality of his work have resulted in decisions that will have long-term impacts on Quebec. Pierre Emmanuel is also a good vulgarizer and knows how to develop impact communications.

Richard Fahey, Directeur Affaires publiques et planification stratégique, Centre universitaire de santé McGill,

AppEco conducted a high quality economic impact study, working together with the association and taking into account its time and timelines. The results were relevant, robust, and clearly showed the importance of the economic impact of major breweries in Quebec.

Philippe Batani, Président-directeur-général, Association des brasseurs du Québec ,

Since 2005, Mr. Paradis has conducted evaluations of business immigration programs, some of which were presented in parliamentary commissions. During the course of these mandates, Mr. Paradis demonstrated high levels of rigor and analytical skills, in addition to writing reports of exemplary quality. He is also a great popularizer of complex concepts. I wish we will have the chance to work together again.

Marc Audet, Vice-président, Programme Immigrants investisseurs, Fiducie Desjardins,